Architectural Development, Inc. | San Francisco, Ca

Gary Jerabeck is the President and Founder of Architectural Development Inc. His formal training was at Syracuse University, NY., graduating with honors and two specially accredited bachelor degrees. He has had extensive travel throughout the world as well as training in Europe and has completed over $200,000,000 in architectural design work. His over 20 years worth of experience encompass exclusive work for residential properties, project management, including expertise with building permits and historic preservation structures, and as a developer, and investor in luxury residential projects.

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Client Testimonials

"What Gary does is redesign the property, make it work and make it beautiful."

"He took nice Edwardian flats and turned them into show pieces."
Jessica Doyle, Real Estate Agent

Mr. Jerabeck is truly a perfectionist and highly talented.

He does more than a professional job.
Barbara Amdjadj

He creates a home of beauty, comfort and luxury in the height of good taste.
Barbara Amdjadj

His designs are sophisticated and comfortable.

He is a gentleman with great integrity.
Marcia Shoong

We met Gary several years ago when considering the purchase of a new home in Eureka Valley. Starting with the initial visit, Gary provided excellent big picture ideas, and subsequently worked with us to transform the house into our dream home. He has provided not only architectural services, but has also served as our “Project Manager,” taking care of the permit process, engineering requirements, bidding and contractor selection, and virtually every detail of the project. Being extremely detail-oriented ourselves, we have been impressed every step of the way with Gary’s diligence and genuine concern about getting everything just right. We enthusiastically recommend Gary to anyone considering renovations …you won’t be disappointed!”
Steve Reegler

Gary Jerabeck is a lifesaver to people trying to navigate in the overwhelming world of design and building. Three words come to mind about his work ethic: meticulous, conscientious and assiduous. Indeed, design choices were always spot-on, making him invaluable to us as first-time home builders. Sometimes our project seemed so overwhelming, but Gary’s vast experience and industry knowledge was the rock that always kept us in very capable hands!
Greg Prigmore, San Francisco