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About Architectural Development

Our goal is to develop architecture to its ultimate aesthetic, functional and investment value while reflecting each client’s unique needs and aspirations.

Architectural Development Inc., founded in 1992, specializes in creating upscale residential properties from condominiums to single family homes. Our projects include both renovations and new construction and encompass a wide range of styles and architecturally significant structures including Edwardian/Victorian, Italianate, Arts & Crafts, French, Spanish, Mediterranean, Tudor and Modern. From initial consulting to final construction supervision, we offer complete design and professional services.

We have assembled a strong team of players from General Contractors to Engineers and offer an extensive list of referrals and portfolio design material. Our staff has a wide range of experience with construction and the permitting process and extend personal customer service. Gary Jerabeck works with each client on an individual basis to ensure meticulous selection and implementation of every design detail. The firm’s design programs are tailored to meet the obligations of both small and large projects while performing all the needs for customized architectural and interior design. We look forward to the possibility of working with you and thank you for your consideration.

Our goal is to develop architecture to its ultimate aesthetic, functional and investment value while reflecting each client’s unique needs and aspirations.

Services Offered


AD inc. provides complete customized architectural and interior design CAD drawings and graphics including sun/shadow studies, building massing studies, 3 D imaging, perspectives, along with a multitude of other visual aids to assist the client and for use during the permitting approval process.


We offer feasibility studies and consulting addressing costs and design options on every aspect of the project.


Our design specifications and selections are complete and thorough. These elements range from architectural elements to finishes, materials, appliances, plumbing fixtures, hardware, stone and tiles, painting schedules, lighting, electrical, garden layouts, custom artistic metal detailing and climate controlled wine cellars.


The firm performs a full design analysis to help define investment value and potential; spatial and detail development; historical review and preservation; neighborhood planning issues.


The team establishes and implements a construction schedule with the contractor while coordinating all the various vendors and materials needed throughout the process. We conduct on going site visits.


Gary Jerabeck personally oversees and reviews all budgetary issues with the project and evaluations with the client. He is extremely sensitive to cost control and funding allocations. Multiple price quotes are obtained for construction and materials purchases to ensure the best value and quality for the money.


All permit issues are addressed and coordinated throughout the course of a project to promote the most expedient, effective and efficient process. The staff is fully engaged to quickly address and resolve any and all problems or concerns with the permits. Gary Jerabeck will attend all the neighborhood presentation and consulting meetings as required through the course of
the project.


All the desired custom home automation services including state of the art audio systems, home theaters and entertainment, security, communications and IT needs are fully coordinated with the support of the bay area’s best technology specialists.


Green design is integrated into our design projects through environmentally conscious products, material and systems.

Meet the Team



Gary Jerabeck

President and Founder

Gary Jerabeck is the President and Founder of Architectural Development Inc. His formal training was at Syracuse University, NY., graduating with honors and two specially accredited bachelor degrees. He has had extensive travel throughout the world, as well as training in Europe, and has completed over $200,000,000 in architectural design work. His over 25 years worth of experience encompass exclusive work for residential properties, project management, including expertise with building permits and historic preservation structures, and as a developer, and investor in luxury residential projects.

He began his career in a private firm in Palo Alto, CA. After several years, Gary opened his own firm focusing on residential design. The company also handled the acquisitions and redevelopment of Gary’s own personal properties along with a design/build team. In the role of president, Gary enhanced his skill not only as a designer of sophisticated residences but it also presented him experience in handling all the details including construction supervision, cost analysis and plan implementation. He developed an appreciation to understand and consider property investment value, aesthetic quality and the creation of design concepts.

Patrick Perez

Senior Architect

Mr. Perez has over 15 years of experience in high end residential work, commercial tenant improvement, multifamily projects, hospitality, retail and urban design and planning. He is licensed in the state of California and holds a BA in history at Santa Clara University and a Masters in Architecture at The University of California Berkeley. Mr. Perez is also Green Build Certified.